More Australia Cole Cannas Henery to Zebra Cole

Other Australia Cole Cannas raised by Charles Frederick Cole who is also known as C F Cole.

Other Old Australian plants raised by him include the cultivators Henery Cole and

Beautiful garden flowers of Lillian Cole

The beautiful colors of Lillian Cole,

some other cannas are L.G Cole and Margaret Cole.

Madame Cole is another cultivator of the Cole cannas which is also known as Philip in Australia.

Marjorie Cole another Australia Cole Cannas

Cannas Marjorie Cole are short growing garden plants.

The pink Australian plants include Mattie Cole

Canna Mattie Cole raised by C F Cole named this plant after his mother Martha Cole.

Merle Cole of Cannas Australia

The all red Merle Cole.

Beautiful garden cannas such as Olive Cole with green leaves

Olive Cole with vibrant and colorful orange and yellow.

Picture of Pink flowering cannas Ruby Cole

Canna Ruby Cole shows deep pink.

Picture of other garden plants also called Ruby Cole

This is the another of the Cole canna plants that I grow. It can also be found growing and circulation throughout Australia under the name Ruby Cole, I keep it as form number 2.

This is one of the few Cole cannas that has had its name misplaced over the years.

Photo of Spotted flowers of garden plant canna Olive Cole

Tabitha Cole with green leaves.

Spotted and striped garden flowers of canna Zebra Cole

and what is believed and known as canna Zebra Cole.

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