Growing Cannas is easy, your choice where to plant them

I’m thrilled growing cannas as they flower for eight to nine months of the year in my climate.

These tropical plants add some structure to my garden with great foliage colors and also have a great tolerance in the dry times.

Classic cannas are at home in cottage gardens themes and dry gardens, even though they are fairly dry tolerant the aquatic cannas are suitable for backyard ponds either planted around the edge of a pond or submerged.

There are many positions for these exotic plants, when Planting Cannas remember they are sun and heat loving plants, they can be grown in hot tropical climates and cool n temperate areas as well. Cannas grown in snow laden areas will have to be lifted out of the ground before the winter snow arrives and replanted the following season once the winter snow has passed.

Cannas in Winter visit here to learn about how frost and winter affects cannas.

Big clumps of cannas are tough water wise plants, but its wise with single small sized divisions to be careful when watering cannas not to overwater any small plants or they may rot.

Rhizome Propogation and how much growing cannas can increase.

Cannas like to be in a sunny position, although its not essential If your neighbor’s have prying eyes, then plant some tall growing canna plants along your fence line's for privacy, you can also use them to provide shade and protection for more tender perennials plants. Cannas love a sunny position the more sun the better.

Cannas need sun learn why a sunny posistion is essential.

growing cannas are beautiful exotic plants By mass planting cannas you will get a full show of flowers and foliage which will make key areas look more exotic and tropical.

Cannas are great for planting alongside swimming pools, I’ve seen some beautiful varieties grown in this position and the odd splash of chlorine water doesn’t seem to harm them.

On a recent holiday along the coast of the Great Ocean Road I was pleasently surprised to see many home gardens with cannas in their planting schemes.

The gardens had beach road frontage and the cannas were thriving and really stood out amongst other hardy garden flowers perennials including Agapanthus and Kniphofias.

Agapanthus is a great looking summer companion plant when grown alongside Cannas, they both give a colorful display, and I have sourced some varieties for sale from Ebay.

If your not already a Ebay member then it's best to sign up for Ebay now, so when you're ready to bid, maybe at the last minute of an auction, you'll be all registered and ready to go.

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Beautiful Old Heirloom Canna Prints For Sale

Beautiful Prints of Canna Flowers for sale featuring heirloom cannas from around the world that have been enhanced and restored by me.

Prints are from my personal collection that I have sourced over the years of collecting original old vintage related works from Garden Seed Catalogues, lithographs, chromos, and plate prints etc. They have been reproduced on quality A4 photo paper. Watermark will not be on your prints of canna flowers. 

Picture of James Vick's Sons New French cannas, from 1892 they were described as the three finest cannas.

Photo print of New French Cannas The Three Finest. Featuring Madame Crozy, Francois Crozy and Alphonse Bouvier, painted for James Vick's Sons 1892.

Photo paper print dating back to the 1890s of Mixed Cannas.

Photo print of Mixed Cannas from the 1890s.

John Lewis Childs Grand Flowering Cannas litho print with pictured plants of Duke of Marlborough, New Variegated Foliage Canna Rainbow, pink and yellow canna named Lorraine, white Alsace and Italia.

Photo print from Childs Grand Flowering Cannas, featuring Alsace, Italia, Lorraine, Duke of Marlborough and the New Variegated Foliage Canna Rainbow. 1890s Litho produced for John Lewis Childs.

Two old cannas Sarah Hill and Maurice Mussey, French plants dated from 1895.

Photo print of French Cannas from 1895, featuring Sarah Hill and Maurice Mussey.

Popular and still reliable Koenigin Charlotte canna a beautiful enhanced picture print from 1910.

Photo print of Canna Koenigin Charlotte, from 1910.