Tropical Colorful Canna Foliage

Colorful Canna Foliage in a range of different shades and colors.

These garden plants are not just grown for their flowers; they are also widely grown for the different color shades that are prominent on their leaves.

Yes their flowers are something to behold but the range that their foliage is available in should not be overlooked either.

There are many varieties of cannas with different shades of green, browns and reds, purple toned and bronzed colors.

Variegated Cannas are very popular and are wildly grown just for their unusual and brightly colored variegated leaves.

picture of variegated leaves

picture of variegated tropical foliage

Variegated cannas have such tropical foliage and have been growing for years such as the Rainbow canna that was being produced and sold in the year 1899.

Many have Green foliage

The most common color in cannas is green leaves however there are different classes of greens, some are fresh apple green, others take on a dull non shiny appearance and some have a thick waxy look to them, a few canna leaves are blue green in appearance much like the color of the sea.

picture of green leaf garden plants

There is the basic green of the green leaf cannas, it is the most common shade through my garden.

picture of pond plants canna Ra The Canna named Ra is a good example picture of one of the blue green foliage plants, it is one of the aquatic cannas that can be grown alone or alongside other pond plants, normal garden varieties also come in this blue green color for foliage.

Brown, Purple and Bronzed Cannas

With even more characteristics are these colored leaf dark foliage cannas they range from soft tans to reddish browns, purple and bronze.

picture of brown leaf canna The beautiful canna Constitution would be the palest brown canna I grow, the leaves are beautiful in a combination of tan, pewter, purple and bronze.

picture of cannas Intrigue Very unusual canna foliage is seen on the hybrid cultivar Intrigue, it has different color shades from brown through to bronzed and purple.

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