Tropical Flowers of Red Cannas with Green Leaves

Bright Red Cannas can be a bit bold but they can also be very beautiful, here I will cover the cannas where red makes up the most of the base color.

There are many canna plants with different shades of red tropical flowers some are a scarlet red, this would be the red that makes up most of my collection, other are rich red, cerise red, canna Valentine is classed as a blue red, some appear a beautiful velvety red tone and a few are classed as being dark black red.

Picture Gallery Of Flowering Red Cannas with Green Leaves

Red canna names and heights, short growing varieties are up to one meter, medium is from above one to two meters and tall cannas are listed as above two meters up to two and a half meters tall.

These heights are measured from the ground to the top of the flowers.

You can visit each cultivator whose name is underlined below for pictures and full descriptions about that particular plant.

Alfred Cole, medium height at 1.4 meters, Australian canna.

Black Magic, medium at 1.2, dark red flowers from black buds.

Centenaire de Rozain-Boucharlat, medium at 1.3, cerise red flushed pink.

Aquatic Canna Endeavour, medium at 1.8, raspberry red flowers.

Erich, medium at 1.2 meters, big round flowers.

Furst Weid, medium at 1.5, red cannas with velvety flowers.

Konigen Charlotte, medium at 1.1 to 1.4, classic hot red and yellow.

Lucifer, short at 1 meter tall, scarlet red trimmed yellow.

Marie Nagal, medium at 1.7, vermilion red butterfly flowers.

Merle Cole, medium at 1.2, Australian plant.

Musafolia, tall height at 2.2 meters, small slender flowers.

Musafolia Hybrid, medium at 1.6 meters tall, small slender scarlet red flowers.

Pandora, medium at 1.1, vermilion red trimmed yellow.

Canna Pennsylvania, medium at 1.9, scarlet red flowers.

Canna P. J. Berkman, medium at 1.4 meters tall, cerise red flowers.

Poinsettia, grows up to 1.3 meters tall, flowers trimmed irregularly with a fine thin yellow border.

President, medium height at 1.3 meters, scarlet red flowers.

Princess Yorke, medium at 1.8, cerise red flowers.

Warszewiczii, medium at 1.3, species with small dark flowers.

Dark Foliage Cannas with Red Flowers

Crozy Cannas

Canna Tropicanna Black

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