Old Heirloom Canna J D Cabos

Canna J D Cabos is one great canna that has been around for over 100 years, and can still be found grown amongst old cottage garden flowers even today.

With canna flowers of a golden apricot shade through to pale salmon pink and he shows a touch of gold on the labellum.

Very free flowering and not shy either, he also send up the odd flower during winter as I have him growing up against a verandah where he gets a bit of protection from the cold.

His leaves are ribbed and display bronzed foliage over green and he also produces a good supply of canna seeds.

The tallest I've had him reach is 1.8 meters tall when in flower.

Heirloom Award Winning Canna J D Cabos

It must be noted that the correct wording for this cultivator is J. D. Cabos as seen in the vintage text below where he was one of nine cannas that won a bronze medal at the World’s Fair at Chicago in 1893.

J.D. Cabos. -Dark greenish maroon colored foliage with a bronze metallic lustre; flowers bright orange or apricot, sometimes brightened with a pinkish tinge; one of the most distinct of all Cannas, and one of the very finest, being a fine grower and a very early, profuse, continuous bloomer. Flowers of the largest size and of color that is very pleasing, and there is nothing similar. One of the best all round Cannas introduced to date. Bronze Medal Awarded us for this at World's Fair, Chicago, 1893.

With his award winning and reliable garden flowers he is a good choice if you seek a colorful flower garden. An oldie but a goodie, he has even sent up the odd flower during our cold Victorian winters.

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