Cannas For Sale In Australia

New Canna Varieties Being Added Soon

Selection of Cannas for sale to Australian buyers, No International Postage available.

Cannas are only posted to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Healthy canna rhizomes/plants are supplied bare rooted with excess leaves and roots trimmed. Example pics of stock dispatched.

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planting canna bulbs

Upon receiving your plants place in a shaded area if unable to plant out for a few days, large pots are great however garden bed is better, turnover soil planting position and incorporate some fertilizer or animal manure, plant it, water it, mulch if in a hot summer then wait for plant to resettle and send out new growth before increasing water, over watering divisions can cause plants to rot, in winter with regular rainfall I simply don't water newly planted rhizomes. 

No plants will be posted to Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania.

Postage flat rate of $15 via Australia Post.

You may Checkout using your credit card or Paypal account.

To purchase plants, press add to cart “a new tab or PayPal window will open” then click link “Continue Shopping” to be returned back to this page. Quantities can also be added or removed if stock is sufficient.

If a product does not appear in your cart, it is currently sold out.

To pay by bank deposit, email your order through along with your name, address and phone number through the Contact Form, for additional quantities email for availability.

Heights listed in descriptions are from my garden conditions, visit Heights of Canna Plants for how short and tall they can grow.

Alsace the heirloom white canna with full heads of flowers opening from pale yellow buds with some faint pink on upper labellum. Alsace’s flowers quickly progress through to a soft cream and finally through to a white. Alsace shows more centered pink on flowers in damp cool weather, warm sunny days will keep Alsace’s flowers clear and white so she looks her best. In 1896 was first offered for sale as the white canna, Alsace grows up to 1.7 meters tall in the garden and produces seeds.

Sold out canna Alsace

Constitution, with creamy pale pink blooms held above beautiful foliage of soft tan, pewter, purple n bronze, in cooler weather  I have noticed her blooms change to a soft pinky apricot tone, I have had canna Constitution grow up to 1.8 meters tall, this canna was imported into Australia pre 2005, produces seed- yes.

Sold out canna Constitution

Canna Coventinarae with beautiful ivory through to white blooms with a stunning dark pink labellum and stigma that's more prominent in hot weather and as bloom ages, with unusual blue green foliage showing traits back to species canna Glauca, grows 1.1 mtrs tall, this is an aquatic canna thats suitable for a permanent wet position or for the garden as mine are grown, I find Coventinarae is equally tough and drought tolerant as other canna varieties, raised 2007.

Sold out canna Coventinarae

Durgarae from golden apricot blooms to soft apricot n pink with irregular placed pink bleeding that only seems to be consistent on and near the edges of the staminodes, labellum and stamen beautifully shaded too, canna Durgarae shows dark bronzed over green foliage, I had this beauty grow up to 1.4 meters tall, raised 2007, produces seed- yes.

Sold Out canna Durgarae

Canna Ehemanni, a vintage beauty raised by M. Annee in 1863, Ehemanni has graceful long tubular blooms that are feminine cerise pink, her flowering heads eventually cascade downwards from the weight of her many blooms well above green foliage, easily grows upto 2.1 meters tall in the garden, this is a splendid hybrid from canna species Iridiflora. A 1895 reference is written as Ehemanni, nowadays her name is found to be spelt ehemannii -extra i.

Sold out canna Ehemanni

Canna Erebus raised in USA by Robert J. Armstrong -early 1970, Erebus is second in the series of the four Aquatic canna's from the famous Longwood Gardens, Erebus displays a mass of gorgeous soft pink blooms that flush to a soft salmon/pink tone and are held above slender blue green foliage, 1.6 meters tall, grows equally well in garden ponds potted then submerged, as marginal's or garden beds as mine are, one of the 4 Aquatic cannas from Longwood Gardens Erebus was named in honour for one of the five HMS.

Sold out canna Erebus

Canna Intrigue raised USA, very architectural with unusual narrow foliage beautifully colored with brown to bronzed purple, simple apricot to pink flowers, tall slender upright growth, around 2.5 meters tall, seeds yes, recent import to Australia pre 2005. Parent plant to Eraendarae. Read a full description about Canna Intrigue.

Sold out canna Intrigue

Ivor Evans a seldom seen heirloom 1930's canna with big cupped and upright formed flowers of apricot orange, splotched yellow labellum and stamen, blooms have a slight irregular yellow trim, through the hottest days of summer Ivor Evans presents his flowers as dark reddish orange held well above green foliage, easily grows up to 2.1mtrs tall in the garden.

Sold Out Ivor Evans

Heritage canna John Lochner with luscious lightly ruffled blooms of soft peach that progress through to pale coral pink are held handsomely above dark bronze foliage over dark olive green, often he will show a few brown sectors through his leaves, my personal favourite vintage cultivator, seeds yes. Read a full description about John Lochner.

Sold Out John Lochner

Canna Konigen Charlotte (Queen Charlotte) 1892, blooms of red flowers banded with a varying wide yellow margin, generally a short grower at 1.1 meters tall, but I have had this reach up to 1.4 meters tall.

Sold Out Konigen Charlotte

Canna Musafolia hybrid, this is not to be confused with the true Musafolia which this vintage hybrid closely resembles, Musafolia Hybrid has green foliage with slender mid brown stems and midrib, new leaves display a dark burgundy margin.

Musafolia Hybrid is very early and free flowering constantly with simple orangey red blooms and increases very well, reaching 1.6+ meters tall and is an extremely dry tolerant canna.

Sold Out Musafolia Hybrid

Cannas for sale of Stuttgart. This spectacular foliage plant of large blue green leaves with irregular variegated foliage of silver, cream to white, at the end of the season as cooler weather starts foliage appears more of a yellow cream than white, pale apricot to pink flowers, up to 3.1 meters tall, discovered in Stuttgart Botanical Gardens Germany. See additional pictures and read a the full description about Stuttgart

Sold Out Stuttgart

Canna Trinacria Variegata/Bangkok heritage cultivator 1920s, a white cross perfectly displayed over yellow blooms that open from red buds, variegated green leaves veined white, 1.4 meters tall.

Sold Out Trinacria Variegata

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