A Rainbow of Cannas with Variegated Foliage

Variegated leaves of red pink green and yellow

With spectacular variegated foliage these plants will add instant color to your garden.

These colorful tropical plants offer a palette of colors that include reds, pinks, yellow and greens, white silver and cream.

There are different variegated cannas that display their variegation in their own unique ways.

Variegated plant leaves of different cannas

pictures of canna Pringle Bay leaves that are striped

Canna Pringle Bay is a fine example of these exotic plants whilst showing stripes of pink, cream and yellow over green foliage.

Picture of canna Pringle Bay leaves beautiful striped and variegated plants in the garden

Every leaf is striped different and as the leaves age some of the stripes fade, note the older leaves in the background of the picture.

Picture of white leaves on variegated plants as seen on the canna Stuttgart

The coloring on Canna Stuttgart is something to behold, with white color blocks edging onto green blocks thus also giving some silver and blue green shades.

Picture of old variegated garden plants canna Rainbow

Canna Rainbow pictured above from 1899 was described as a magnificent novelty amongst foliage plants with each leaf beautifully variegated with pink, scarlet, orange, grey, green etc.

Its leaves are described as wide, waxy and graceful and being more charming than other cannas.

striped foliage of canna bengal tiger

Picture above is Canna Bengal Tiger with a attractive burgundy red leaf margin.

pictures of striped leaves on the Tropical looking canna Phasion

colorful garden plants with striped foliage

old variegated cannas

Even in the year 1900 there were cannas with variegated leaves and variegated canna flowers.

striped canna leaves on garden plants Yellow King Humbert Yelloe King Humbert cannas with variegated striped green leaves

One of the most unusual of the exotic plants is canna Yellow King Humbert with green foliage and irregular dark sectors through the leaves are displayed in a variety of combinations.

picture of variegated leaves from canna Bangkok

With fresh green leaves striped with yellows and cream lines is canna Trinacria Variegata, all the variegated cannas are superb tropical plants and look equally at home growing amongst cottage garden flowers through to the latest trendy landscape designs.

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Beautiful Old Heirloom Canna Prints For Sale

Beautiful Prints of Canna Flowers for sale featuring heirloom cannas from around the world that have been enhanced and restored by me.

Prints are from my personal collection that I have sourced over the years of collecting original old vintage related works from Garden Seed Catalogues, lithographs, chromos, and plate prints etc. They have been reproduced on quality A4 photo paper. Watermark will not be on your prints of canna flowers. 

Picture of James Vick's Sons New French cannas, from 1892 they were described as the three finest cannas.

Photo print of New French Cannas The Three Finest. Featuring Madame Crozy, Francois Crozy and Alphonse Bouvier, painted for James Vick's Sons 1892.

Photo paper print dating back to the 1890s of Mixed Cannas.

Photo print of Mixed Cannas from the 1890s.

John Lewis Childs Grand Flowering Cannas litho print with pictured plants of Duke of Marlborough, New Variegated Foliage Canna Rainbow, pink and yellow canna named Lorraine, white Alsace and Italia.

Photo print from Childs Grand Flowering Cannas, featuring Alsace, Italia, Lorraine, Duke of Marlborough and the New Variegated Foliage Canna Rainbow. 1890s Litho produced for John Lewis Childs.

Two old cannas Sarah Hill and Maurice Mussey, French plants dated from 1895.

Photo print of French Cannas from 1895, featuring Sarah Hill and Maurice Mussey.

Popular and still reliable Koenigin Charlotte canna a beautiful enhanced picture print from 1910.

Photo print of Canna Koenigin Charlotte, from 1910.