Cole Cannas still growing in Australia

The Australian Cole cannas were raised by Charles Frederick Cole and they are thought to be raised sometime from the 1930 through to the late 1950s.

Many of his beautiful canna plants are still being grown today mixed amongst other cottage garden flowers; however some of them may be permanently lost.

Unfortunately some of his hybridizing efforts have now resulted in some cultivators being called the wrong names and some have been lost over the years, there is still some confusion over which names are correct for some of his plants with his existing flowering cannas in circulation today.

Spotted flowering plants is Alex Cole Perfect for a perennial flower garden is Alex Cole with his bright spotted and exotic tropical colors

Charles Frederick Cole raised some beautiful canna plants varieties, most were named after family members.

Australian Garden Plants Alfred Cole Alfred Cole, Alice Cole, Allison Cole and Anna Cole

Cannas raised in Australia Captain Cole the tall flowering canna Captain Cole,

Cornelius Cole

Cannas C F Cole with pink spotted garden flowers The beautiful spotted cannas flower of C. F. Cole, this beauty he named after himself.

It’s a very popular perennial grown amongst bedding plants in Australia.

Australian canna Effie Cole A tranquil and placid colored canna, Effie Cole gives some pastel softness into the garden.

Pretty garden flowers from Elma Cole the beautiful pastel colored garden flowers of Elma Cole

Edwin Cole, Emmaline Cole

more cannas Henery to Zebra Cole

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