Prints of Canna Flowers

Beautiful Prints of Canna Flowers for sale featuring heirloom cannas from around the world that have been enhanced and restored by me. Worldwide Postage on prints from my personal collection that I have sourced over the years of collecting original old vintage Seed and Garden catalogues and some individual pages from lithographs, chromos, and plate prints etc. These beautiful canna pictures are reproduced on quality A4 photo paper. Watermark will not be on your prints of canna flowers. All Prints $6 each, orders can be emailed through to me here. Worldwide Postage and Shipping $6 for 1 or 10 prints.

Canna Monsieur Yidal

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Photo print of Canna Monsieur Yidal.

Two French Garden Cannas

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Photo print of French Cannas from 1895 The Garden, featuring Sarah Hill and Maurice Mussey.

John Lewis Childs print of garden cannas

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This is a beautiful early John Lewis Childs flower art litho featuring Grand Flowering Cannas with colorful pictures of Italia, Duke of Marlborough, Florence Vaughan, New Variegated Foliage Canna Rainbow, Lorraine and the white flowering Alsace.

Rare white canna species Liliiflora flower prints for sale of this old world plant.

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This is a beautiful and rare image of species canna Liliiflora from a hand finished litho from the 1860s.

James Vick's Son's Seedsmen garden photo print

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Delightful New French Cannas published for James Vick's Son's Seedsmen. Featured cannas are Gen Boulanger, Chevalier Besson and the very popular canna Star Of 1891.

Canna Pedunculata

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Species Canna Pedunculata also called Peduncled Canna.

Colourful picture of mixed canna plants from the early Victorian days.

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From the 1890s Mixed Cannas, these plants have no name, but gee some of them look familiar to what is still available and grown in gardens today.

Childs Grand Flowering Cannas now the most popular and magnificent of all summer blooming plants for brilliant bedding and massing.

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From a beautiful flower catalog litho is Childs Grand Flowering Cannas featuring Blushing Bride, Little Duke, Flame, Crozy Improved, Perfection and Improved Rainbow.

Vaughan’s Seed Store Chicago, New French Gladiolus Flowered Cannas, the many beautiful varieties raised and sent out have made rapid strides in popular favour and demand.

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This is the first original Canna memeroblia I ever bought, It cost me just over $70, It is the one I admire the most for its magnificent and compelling blended colors and that old unique world charm that it shows, so glad to have it. From 1892 with Vaughans Seed Store Chicago featuring the cannas Childsii and Madam Crozy, Greenhouses at Western Springs, Retail Store for Vaughan Seeds and Office & Warehouse.

Picture of canna Rotundifolia.

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The chromolithograph illustration for Revue Horticole I have is dated 1869 on the back, it features Canna Rotundifolia.

Picture of a chromolith of old world plant canna Mme Joanni Sallier .

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Featuring Canna Mme Joanni Sallier a chromolith for Revue Horticole, my original is dated 1892 on the back.

Picture of a two New Cannas from John Lewis Childs New, Rare and Beautiful Flower Seed Catalogue of 1891.

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Featuring Star of 1891 (The Everblooming Canna) and Childsi (The Tiger Cannas.

Picture of William Henry Maule Seedsman three newest and best cannas for 1902, La France, American Banner and Black Prince plus three grand new dahlias.

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Nice print featuring Maules three newest and best cannas for 1902, American Banner, La France and Black Prince, one strong root of each for sale, postpaid at only 50 cents. Also features three new large flowering dahlias. My original on the back features an offer for the Superior 8 Champion Roses.

Picture of Canna Iridiflora Nodding Flowered Canna or Indian Reed.

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This plate illustration features the species Canna Iridiflora by S. Curtis for Curtis's Botanical Magazine published in the year 1818.

Picture of Old Canna Mme Crozy.

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This is a chromo of Mme Crozy published by the French Revue Horticole 1889.

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