Cannas with Orange Flowers

Orange canna Frederick Benary

Colourful Cannas with orange flowers I grow come in a range of different sized blooms.

Cannas Carrogle

Their flowers range from true orange to deep dark orange and soft apricot shades.

canna Isabellagle
canna Elma Cole

Some of the orange cannas listed start off with apricot orange tones and their flowers progress through to pink.

yellow and orange canna with Italian type flowers

Orange cannas are also available with each staminodes bordered and trimmed with another colour on its edge.

canna Evolution

Most of the orange cannas I grow have flowers in the one solid colour and most of them have green foliage like canna Evolution whilst some show dark colored leave like Myanmar pictured below.

canna Myanmar Gle Series of Cannas
orange specking on cannas

Some are orange cannas are solid with a block of colour while others are bi colored and blotched generally with an uneven overlapping second coloring.

cannas Bengal Tiger

Some have variegated pinstripe leaves.

canna Parfait

Their flowers range from true orange to deep dark orange and soft apricot shades like the variety Parfait.

cannas Kathys Star

Many Orange flowering cannas are vibrant and showy often with a lot of detail on labellum and in center or throat of the flower like Kathy's Star.

Variegated Leaf Cannas Bethany

Orange flowering canna Bethany with variegated foliage is currently available for sale to gardeners in Australia.

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