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Whats a Canna Lily

Canna Lily or Canna Lilies -What are they

Canna x Generalis

Canna Bulbs

Cannas Purpose and Uses

Cannas Uses of these Plants

Canna Arrowroot

Use Cannas in Your Garden -Reviews

Growing And Planting

Growing Cannas

Planting Cannas

Growing Cannas Need Sun

Canna Propagation by Rhizome

Watering Cannas

Frost Damage Cannas in Winter

Canna Flower Parts

Canna Flowers Part Names and Purpose

Cannas Flower The Labellum

Cannas Stamen, Stigma and Anther

Height Of Canna Plants

Canna Plants Range of Heights

Dwarf Cannas

Canna Foliage

Colors of Canna Foliage

Variegated Foliage

Red Cannas

Red Flowering Cannas with Green Foliage

Red Flowering Cannas with Dark Foliage

Pink Cannas

Pink Canna Plant Pictures A - E

Pink Flowering Cannas Gallery F - O

Pink Canna Varieties O to Z

Pink Cannas -Reviews

Yellow Cannas

Yellow Flowering Cannas

Yellow Cannas in Your Garden -Reviews

Orange Cannas

Orange Flowering Cannas

Solid Orange Shaded Cannas

Favourite Cannas

Smallest Cannas I have Bought

Cannas Questions and Answers

Cannas Blog - Latest Garden News

Contact Cannas Australia

Privacy Policy

Cannas Garden Diary

Prints of Canna Flowers for sale

World Breeders

Canna Breeders History

Antoine Crozy Cannas

Crozy Cannas Varieties

Canna Madame Crozy

Canna Yellow King Humbert

Canna Star of 1891

Australian Cole Cannas A - E

Australian Cole Cannas H - Z

Canna Seeds

Canna Seeds

Development of Seeds

How to check Canna Seeds

Pictures of Fertile Canna Seed

Canna Varieties

Cultivars of Cannas

Ace of Spades

Alex Cole



Bengal Tiger



Frau Gartenburg



J. D. Cabos

John Lochner


Madame Crozy


Orange Crush

Port Denison


Spotted Delight

Star of 1891

Stuttgart variegated cannas

Taney aquatic cannas

Tropicanna Black



Yellow King Humbert

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