Canna 'Frau Gartenburg' aka Canna 'Garton Baudie'

by Dianne
(New England Area, NSW, Australia)

An 'unaltered' photo of Canna Frau Gartenburg

An 'unaltered' photo of Canna Frau Gartenburg

Well, it was I.D'd as the latter, but I have learned that it is correctly named 'Canna Frau Gartenburg' .. never mind, it's ONE of my 'faves'!

It grew alongside a clump of (what I bought as) 'Canna Tropical Peach' & was immediately noticeable as the 'odd man out' amongst them! Somehow, it's rhisome had been mixed-up with the others & subsequently planted with them as well.
The leaf is green & it has grown to be about 1.6 mtr tall with 12mths growth.

I love using this bloom with different photo effects .. I have some on my walls & they look great! Hope you enjoy them like I do!

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