by Dianne Larsen
(Tenterfield NSW Australia)

A photo taken today, 20th Feb. 2013

A photo taken today, 20th Feb. 2013

A photo taken today, 20th Feb. 2013
Photo taken last year, Jan. 2012
Foliage of canna 'Salmon Watsonia' 2012
New Growth, taken today, 20th Feb. 2013.

2013 didn't start very well for many people in Australia .. fires, flooding & massive storms .. and some areas are still experiencing terrible fires.

The 2nd week of this year, saw massive storms & hail in the area in which I live, in Nth NSW. Even though we suffered significant storm & hail damage here, it wasn't long after that the Cannas were amongst the first plants to brighten up the garden, amongst the shredded gardens & smashed hothouses.

One of my 'recent faves' .. they are all 'faves', who couldn't love 'em all?! .. is this bright n perky pink/salmon lady C. 'Salmon Watsonia', with her deep green & burgundy shaded foliage.
Her blooms remind me somewhat of Frangipani flowers in shape .. pity she doesn't have a scent like them .. and grows as a 'tall' canna height, holding her blooms amongst & above her leaves.
The clumps are 'loose', rather than tight together, with rhizome growth fairly long & tending to spread which makes them great for screening or using along fences or 'lost' corners in yards where you don't know what else to plant!
The dramatic new foliage & bright contrasting flowers certainly pick up my spirits while I'm still waiting for the bulk of the storm damage to be attended to by Insurance Contractors! *pics taken today & previous blooms.

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