by Jordan Lynch
(Wa 6210 Mandurah)

I love cannas because they are so easy to grow Great flowers and like how the Seed pod grows The Cannas are very strong plant iv watched one canna break a plastic pot in half then take off into the ground, smart cannas

Raelene's Reply:

Hi Jordan, yes I know what you mean, I’m often fascinated by the power they can show, Stuttgart I’ve had grow under about a 3.5 foot length of corrugated sheeting iron to reach the sunlight on the other side

Their will to survive is amazing as I have some still in a bucket that I placed beside a tap in the back yard around Easter 2009 and I’ve only watered them at least 2 time, they have struggled but yes they are still there, they are very tough.

Their determination to produce flowers through winter when placed in a frost free spot, some varieties are just so tough and keep going whilst others are so so, I simply love them for their big colourful blooms that make the statement “here I am”.

I too have a few broken pots any many that I’ve had to cut and rip open to get the plants out.

I love these plants so much here is a picture of my cars rego plates, thank you for sharing your joy of these fantastic plants with us, take care Raelene

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