I thought it was alfred Cole?

by Elle Hannan
(Brisbane QLD)

I bought these cannas from someone, they meant to be peaches & cream but... my son picked them up for me. I got them and thought wow, they were so big rhizomes, different from the ones seller posted online but didn't think anything because were happy with them :) 2-3 months later my cannas were going to have flower and I noticed they had dark/burgundy on top and a bit red flowers and then flowering with red color, not pale pink peachy creamy at all haha. I asked the seller but she didn't know the name unfortunately. Could you please help me? Thanks, Elle.

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Nov 04, 2020
Thank you so much
by: Anonymous

Hi Raelene.

Thank you so much for quick reply. I will let the seller know and will get the correct canna soon. Was a bit disappointed about color but they are beautiful and husband like them :)So happy to have them in our garden.

Thank you again for your help.


Nov 04, 2020
Hi Elle, It is canna P
by: Raelene

Hi Elle, It is canna Pennsylvania -no doubt in my mind, the sparseness of the buds, the colouring of the blooms, I can see a burgundy margin on the unraveled leaf and the height, the broadness of that newer leaf, confirms it for me, it is a very easy grower, an old heritage type commonly found throughout Australia, it is too broad in bloom and sparse in growth to be Alfred Cole -well that's my opinion. That's disappointing you received different than what you purchased, let the seller know the correct name of what their selling. The correct name for what is known as peaches and cream in Australia is canna Madame Butterfly, I have just added Pennsylvania and Madame Butterfly to the Canna Varieties page for your viewing, warm regards Raelene

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