My Lovely Canna 'Una'

by Alison Pongraz
(Mildura Vic, Australia)

Hi all this is my lovely Canna 'Una'..... as a child I grew up with canna's with my late grandmother growin then in her lovely gardens which is where my love for these beautiful plants came from.

Well im now 30 years old now and it was only 3 years ago when at a rental I lived in there was this old pot with a ratty looking canna growing in it that the previous tenants had left behind, when I moved I took it along with me which is the lovely ' Pennsylvania ' Red and not long after the move my passion for plants started to pick up from when I was young and next thing I knew I was in love again with them and started to buy a few. Now today have a beautiful little collection that I love very much, this is one of my favourite cannas I have today....

Cheers Ally =)

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