What Dwarf Yellow Canna is this?

by Dianne Larsen
(Tenterfield NSW Australia)

Blooms from my plant last year.

Blooms from my plant last year.

This lovely short (to no more than 36inches in any clump) yellow flowering canna was purchased as 'Lemon Gem'.. BUT, the only info I have ever found refers to 'Yellow Gem' being a 'tall' canna.

I have grown this in 3 different positions in my gardens with various conditions eg. some have regular watering, some only have rain, one clump is in semi shade & 2 others are in full sun, except late afternoons. They ALL grow the same ..

The foliage is all the same colour .. just an 'ordinary' green, erect& tight clumping, sometimes missing a flowering season .. how dare they! .. I know it is not 'Burbank', 'Asia' or the 'tall Lemon Gem' as I've never purchased that, or 'Asia' .. all of those I have purchased as 'named varieties' from reputable sellers & they grow elsewhere in my garden.

I also know this is not the dwarf yellow originally bred by Takii & Co Japan ('Tinkerbell') now sold as 'Tropical Yellow'.
All my searching has been in vain .. and now I'm totally stumped, yet again!

Cheers, Dianne.
ps. Is it one sold as 'Tropical Sunshine' .. origins & info on that one not known by me either.

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May 19, 2020
Reply on 'Lemon Gem'
by: Dianne Larsen

Thank you everyone for your replies ..

I first had this canna about 13yrs ago, before I ever saw the Thai line of cannas around. I can't even remember who I acquired it from, but back then most of my cannas came from other collectors .. I've never bought from a retail outlet.
It was truly virus free, but sadly after moving nearly 3yrs ago & having drought for 2 yrs of that time, I have lost it due to the adverse conditions. It never produced seed.

I'd love to find some more ..

May 02, 2018
by: Dianne Larsen

Thank you for your reply. I bought this as Lemon Gem, many yrs ago. It is virus free. At first I thought it was a dwarf form of Burbank, but soon found it did remained dwarf & the blooms did not fade as Burbank does.
At the time, I had never heard of the Thai line of cannas, but have seen them 'around' since. This canna does not produce seed. It is one of the first to bloom each season & does so prolifically.
I have, since the original post, sold this via division to other collectors who have, in turn, used the name Lemon Gem.
Maybe we will never know the origins .. except that I purchased it in Australia .. I often wonder if it is one of the 'lost' dwarf cannas of the COLE family? I recently found some of those during an open garden visit in my 'local' area & hope to secure some in the future.

May 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

Could be one of the Thai mini Cannas. They have produced a mini in a variety of colours with plain green leaves. I see many for sale at the plant market. Always tempted but they are riddled with virus, sold with the lower leaves removed as a result but the virus can be clearly seen in the new leaves.

If yours is virus free it is truly a gem!

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