What are Canna Bulbs, are they true garden bulb, how do they grow

The name canna bulbs is used often by some people when they are referring to canna rhizomes.

Are cannas really a bulb?

No they are not a true garden bulbs they are a rhizome.

Canna rhizomes are a creeping underground stem that is filled with starch and other food sources, a flower bulb is round and has a solid base that is surrounded by fleshy scales.

canna garden bulbs are rhizomes From the rhizome buds appear, these buds are also known as eyes and they arise from the rhizome to reveal the stem, leaves and then the flowers.

Bare rooted canna rhizomes Cannas grow and increase to a clump by the continuous growing of the rhizome producing new growth.

Different varieties of cannas have different sized rhizomes.

Some types of canna plants produce as thick and chunky rhizomes while others especially the aquatic cannas are slender and long.

Just to sum all that up, Cannas are not summer bulbs they are summer flowering perennial rhizome plants.

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