Canna Propagation by Rhizomes

With canna propagation by rhizome it is important to remember that different canna varietys will multiply and increase at different rates.

Some cannas will increase fast whislt some other canna varieties will be much slower.

Most canna plants will easily propagate up to 6 nice sized divisions, while some will increase up to 10 or more over the one growing season.

Bare rooted plants propagating new growth

These canna divisions were dug in late winter and just starting to show some new green above ground growth. They have had their old frost burnt flowering stems cut back hard and are ready for packing and dispatch to their new owner, once replanted they will push all their energy in to new growth when replanted out.

If wanting to know how to grow canna plants fast, remember it all depends on the chosen variety and your garden conditions, such as water, sunlight and fertilizer.

Many of the old heirloom varieties show more vigor and increase really fast when compared to the some of the more modern canna hybrids.

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