Stamen and Stigma on Flowering Cannas

On flowering cannas another part is the Stamen. Different varieties of cannas have different shaped and sized stamens, but one thing they all do is curl backwards, some of them will curl and loop quite tight while others will simply just arch only a little bit backwards.

Attached to the stamen is the anther, the anthers job is to which carry’s the pollen and a stigma which receives the pollen at its tip. Stamens are usually more brightly coloured than the staminodes, often they are striped or spotted, and some are brushed with paler colours while others appear as a solid block of colour.

picture of a cannas flower part the stamenNote the slightly curved stigma with white towards the tip.

picture of an anther on garden flowerThe name of the flower part attached to the stamen is the anther which carry’s the pollen.

picture of a anther on garden flowerHere we can see the stamen with a slight twist in it and the anther attached to the stamen.

The stigma can be seen slightly protruding forwards.

The stigma which receives the pollen at its tip.

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