Bengal Tiger Canna

variegated garden canna Bengal Tiger

Outstanding Bengal Tiger Canna is a tall growing plant that reaches here in my garden up to 1.8 meters tall when in flower.

striped foliage of canna bengal tiger

Bengal Tiger has broad green leaves that are variegated in stripes of yellow, new growth shows a rich red burgundy coloured margin.

The flowers are big in size and are coloured a dark orange, on closer examination small darker splotches of red to orange can be seen especially on the labellum, itis a real knockout and standout canna to have in the garden.

Flowers and leaves of canna Bengal Tiger

This outstanding variegated plant dates back to India where it originated in the 1950s in Bengal a northeast area in the Indian Subcontinent, hence its name Bengal Tiger. Canna Bengal Tiger is a sport/genetic mutation after radiation experiments from canna Durban Orange aka as Phasion or Tropicanna in Australia and around the world. Durban Orange and Bengal Tiger are also a mutation result from radiation experiments from canna Wyoming as these all share similar traits and reversions. And finally Bengal Tiger sported/mutation as we know as canna Bethany.

This cultivator Bengal Tiger I’ve never had produce any seed before but there have been a few known cases of where it has set seed.

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