Canna Annjee

Australian Canna Annjee is one of the most beautiful flowering varieties amongst the pink cannas.

rare flowers of a beautiful flowering plant

pink flower of Australian canna Annjee

With medium sized flowers you know this is a special canna even before they have fully opened you can already see her spectacular colours of cream heavily splotched and trimmed with bright pink.

canna Annjee with tropical pink garden flowers

Her amazing flowers make any beautiful flower garden come to life with such vibrant yet dreamy cream mottled blooms.

The labellum and stamen is so tropical looking with so much pink drooled and blotched over them.

canna Annjee from Australia with tropical pink flowers
picture of the Anngee in the garden

The leaves on her are green and they also shows a burgundy coloured margin on new growth, as the leaves age the margin fades to clear.

In my garden Annjee grows just on 1.3 meters tall and also seeds.

Annjee is the parent plant of the fairly new plant called Annjee Baby.

I was told many years ago that Annjee was raised by a gentleman named Frank now residing in Queensland and I have heard he apparently named it after Anne Glancy of Victoria.

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