Canna x generalis

What is canna x generalis? you might ask, often cannas are written up as this, what does it mean? and why are they called this?.

Recurve Gle Cannas

Well the answer is that Cannas x generalis is simply a botanical term used to describe any hybrid or cultivar of the Cannaceae family generally with large colorful flowers.

canna capri

A canna cultivar means a plant which has been raised by man as compared to being found naturally growing in the wild.

canna Isabella Gle Series

L.H. Bailey -Liberty Hyde Bailey was an American botanist and horticulturist who gave the name canna generalis to distinguish the plants within the family of Cannaceae.

canna Joeys Giftgle

Hybrid cannas are easy to distinguish when they are compared to most species cannas as species generally have small flowering traits.

cannas warszewiczii

Species do not fall into this group they are either classed as canna indica and are called by the variety that they are, for example what we know as canna warszewiczii is classed as Canna indica var. warszewiczii while others species are just called Canna liliiflora but we know it to be a species.

Another name is Canna Achira and it refers to cannas that have been raised for agricultural purposes.

As canna rhizomes are rich in starch, they are suitable for human and farm animal consumption.

My old dairy herd cattle often stick their heads over the fences and grab whatever canna leaves they can get before being caught out by me.

I’ve noticed however that they prefer the dried older foliage that’s been burnt by frost or that which has been cut down for a few days than the fresh green of active growing plants.

canna Dainty Miss from the Gle Series Cannas

Cannas are just one of the many garden plants that have been given a botanical name, be sure to visit Tropical Flowering Plants for a range of other tropical plants that are grown in Tropical garden designs; there are many other outstanding garden plants that can be planted along side cannas for an even more exotic garden.

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