Canna Beatrix

This beautiful canna Beatrix is one of my favorite growing cannas.

Why is she a favorite you might ask, well firstly, I like the color changes that she show throughout the season.

In mid spring when she starts flowering her blooms are a soft apricot tone flushed with pink.

Towards the end of the flowering season which is late autumn here in Victoria -Australia, her flowers change to a very soft pastel pink tone.

I simply love the surprise colors from her.

Beatrix also produces many buds on strong and sturdy stems.

She is up with the best of the tropical plants as she can produce very large canna flowers; here she is over my hand, this flower measured 17 centimeters wide, that's almost 7 inches and its a very impressive size.

Bees adore this special lady too and canna seeds are produced on this cultivator also.

Her tropical foliage is green with a prominent burgundy colored margin displayed on new growth.

I really admire Beatrix and place her as one of the best garden cultivars, and an all round superb cream of the crop canna for the garden or planted in pots.

Beatrix is classed as a pixie and falls into the group of the short growing cannas, although she often reaches a maximum height of one meter tall when in flower, this is the tallest I’ve ever had her reach.

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