Canna John Lochner

Beautiful canna John Lochner is a favourite, he was given to me by a neighbour who had him growing for many years.

Canna plants John Lochner

The flowers on John Lochner are colored a soft peach tone and they progress through to a pretty pale coral pink.

Large summer flowering John Lochner

In the heat of summer flowers are a large size with each flower lasting three to four days, he also produces up to six flowering branches on each flowering stem.

Newly opened garden flowers

New flowers just opened, these will progress through to pink, and he is showing some ruffling at flowers edges, throughout the season the ruffled effect varies.

cannas john lochner

The foliage on has dark bronze tone with colored ribbing over dark olive green, the shape of his leaves are very distinctive as the tips curve inwards over the leaf, and often I find a few few brown sectors through his leaves.

John Lochner is one of the medium to tall growing canna plants reaching up to 1.7 meters in height, whilst producing canna seeds freely. John would be my personal favorite vintage cultivator.

Can still be found in the some Botanical gardens throughout Australia.


By open pollination he is the parent plant of the canna cultivar Odinrae.

The name John Lochner has been mixed and confused over the years with others cultivars as there is a small red and yellow canna going by the name of J. S. Lochner, S. Lochner and Johnny Lochner.

I have brought these three growing cannas and have trialed them, all three cannas appear to be the same plant with the wrong name put on them.

To my knowledge the correct name for these three is Konigen Charlotte which translates to Queen Charlotte.

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