Gardening with Canna Orange Crush

Canna Orange Crush would have to be one of the prettiest growing cannas I have.

What I love about this canna is the combination of colors that her full flowering head gives in the garden, her flowers are not large like some others, they are just a nice size medium bloom that are held well above green foliage.

canna orange crush

Her flowers are pastel shaded and open to a soft apricot orange and are bordered and splotched in the center with yellow.

garden plants Orange Crush

The flowers then progress through to pink and the yellow through to cream.

Cannas Orange Crush Orange Crush is a great easy and early flowering tropical plant reaching up to 1.6 meters tall.

And as an added bonus she also sets seed and pleanty of it too.

Orange Crush was raised in Australia by Vicki Staal and Im so pleased to have her in my canna collection.

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