Australian Canna Port Denison

Australian Canna Port Denison is a recent new variety with medium to large sized flowers.

Newly opened flowers are colored a pretty pale apricot and salmon pink tone with faint pink veining on the staminode, as blooms age they progress to a richer salmon pink color.

Australian Canna Port Denison

With strong growth on sturdy stems Port Denison is very outstanding whilst being grande in appearance and structure.

Cannas hybrid Port Denison

With large leaves that are held fairly upright, they are colored with a mixture of dark purple shades over green.

Colored leaves of plants Port Denison

Leaf foliage also shows a very thin margin which is dark burgundy this also carries onto the back of the leaves and overlaps the margin, leaf underside center midrib is also colored a burgundy red tone.

New Cannas in Australia Port Denison

Port Denison was raised by Bernard Yorke early 2008 and is a tall growing canna reaching 1.6 meters tall and also sets seed.

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