Grow Canna Taney in garden or as a Pond Plants

The Canna Taney is an aquatic or water canna, which means it, can be grown completely submerged in water or grown in a permanently wet position.

It has soft apricot orange flowers and slender blue green colored leaves.

Pond Plants

Taney was raised in the United States of America by Robert J. Armstrong in the early 1970s at the famous Longwood Gardens.

The tallest I've had this canna grow is 1.7 meters tall; like many other water plants it does not have to be submerged in a wet position such as backyard ponds or as marginal pond plants.

There are three more cannas that were raised pacifically as water plants by Longwood Gardens. Taney is the fourth and last in the series, the other aquatic cannas as pictured are Endeavour -red, Ra -yellow and Erebus -pink.

My aquatic canna plants are all grown in the ground.

When growing them in water gardens or a permanently wet spot new divisions should be potted up and only when the plant is producing strong new growth should they be submerged.

This is best done by increasing the level of submersion over a few weeks.

When planting on the side of a pond or dam as a marginal plant, place the new canna rhizome just beside the damp soil and water in, as the plant settles in and grows it will choose whether to stay in the damp soil or grow more into the water.

Many other tall and giants growing cannas are also suitable to grow as pond plants.

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